The network

Network members presentation

The network includes 6 teams and laboratories located in Paris, Lyon, Dijon, Avignon, Sophia-Antipolis and Bordeaux (France)

The R4P network is funded by the INRAE’s SPE division (Plant Health and Environment), which allows 3 to 4 annual meetings. Funding for this network is therefore public entirely.

Who are the network members ?

Benoit Barres (USC CASPER, Anses, Lyon)

Researcher in charge of Anses pesticide resistance research team (USC CASPER)

web site : Anses
Marie-France Corio-Costet (INRAE, Bordeaux)

Research director specialized in the study of vine pathogenic fungi resistance to pesticides

web site : UMR SAVE
Danièle Debieu (INRAE, Grignon)

Specialist researcher on the biochemistry of resistance to fungicides

web site : UMR BIOGER
Christophe Délye (INRAE, Dijon)

Researcher specialized in the study of herbicide resistance

web site : UMR Agroécologie
Sabine Fillinger (INRAE, Grignon)

Research Director on fungicide resistance genetics

web site : UMR BIOGER
Jacques Grosman (Ministry for agriculture and food - DGAL)

Vineyard expert for the Ministry for Agriculture and animator of the expert network of this Ministry

web site : Ministry for Agriculture
Gaëlle Le Goff (INRAE, Institut Sophia Agrobiotech)

Researcher specialized in insects resistance mecanisms to insecticides

web site : Institut Sophia Agrobiotech
Christophe Plantamp (USC CASPER, Anses, Lyon)

Researcher specialized in the study of resistance to insecticides

web site : Anses
Myriam Siegwart (INRAE, Avignon)

Specialist in the study of resistance to insecticides

web site : UMR PSH
Anne-Sophie Walker (INRAE, Grignon)

Research engineer specialized in the monitoring and management of fungicide resistance

web site : UMR BIOGER