Help us to identify new cases of resistance to PPP

You are invited to participate

The network is looking for samples of weeds, insects or fungi to identify new cases of resistance in France.

You can help us to identify new cases of resistance to PPP of pest organisms. This is a call to receive suspicious samples you consider able to help our network in its mission and having an interest in research in general.

 see the list resistance cases 

Who is concerned?

Any PPP in agriculture (field crops, grapevine, “minor” crops, fruit and vegetable crops…) who :

  • has carried out a treatment and obtained an unsatisfactory efficacies on one or more pest(s) ;
  • is suspecting that they are facing a case of resistance;
  • have not found “his/her” case of potential resistance in the resistance lists on this site.

You are in this situation and you want an expert opinion or a resistance analysis? Your mission, if you accept it, will consist in filling in the questionnaire of reporting potential cases of resistance.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify suspected new cases of resistance in France. As many reasons other than the presence of resistance can explain a treatment failure, we thank you for completing the questionnaire as completely as possible, and for reporting only cases of treatment failure that cannot easily be explained other than by the possible presence of resistance.

On the basis of the analysis of your answers, know-how and availability of the laboratories concerned, research actions can be undertaken in order to:

  • check the reality of reported cases of resistance (confirmation of resistance by biological tests, characterization of genetic mechanisms and their practical involvement);
  • if necessary, develop diagnostic tools and establish the distribution of identified resistances in order to manage the problem and limit the loss of efficacy of the plant protection products in question.

This questionnaire may seem long and detailed. This is necessary to enable us to differentiate between potential resistance cases and treatment failures due to other causes. We thank you in advance for the time you will devote to fill it as completely as possible.

Before you start, please check that “your” case is not already in the published resistance case lists.

  1. Complete the questionnaire in Word or pdf format (doc in french). Before that, read the short explanatory note (text in french).
  2. Send the questionnaire to :
  • (electronic format)
  • Christophe Délye, INRAE – UMR Agroécologie, 17 rue de Sully, 21000 Dijon (paper format)

New cases of resistance (or suspected resistance) must also be reported to the Anses. Please go to the dedicated page on the ANSES website.