PPP classification

Pest, disease or weed control involves PPPs, of natural or synthetic origin. Independent classifications of PPPs have been proposed according to their category. Furthermore, biocontrol solutions are often partially represented in these classifications, whereas many are registered in France and their use will gradually increase in the coming years.

Independant classifications of PPPs according to their use
Three international groups inform about PPP and their management for each type of pest:

However, even taxonomically distant pests such as weeds, fungi and insects may have common biochemical targets. Therefore, it seems logical to consider insecticides, herbicides and/or fungicides acting on the same target as having the same mode of action. In addition, just like “classical” PPPs, biocontrol products can be confronted with the evolution of resistance in targeted pests, which implies considering them as a mode of action in their own right and integrating them into this nomenclature.

R4P therefore proposes a unified classification of PPPs that takes these particularities into account and groups under the same code substances or biocontrol agents registered against pathogens, insects/mites and/or weeds.