Resistance status in France

Resistance lists of cases indentified in France to registered and formerly registered molecules

The “Resistance” lists were constructed from experimental data or data from the literature collected by French laboratories (INRAE and Anses) working on resistance phenomena to plant protection products and with the help of researchers and recognized experts in each of the fields addressed (fungi, insects, mites, weeds).

Their objective is to present an inventory of resistance cases, in France. Thus, they list all pest-active ingredient pairs for which resistant individuals have been detected. This inventory is intended to be updated in “real time”, as new cases of resistance are detected and validated by a reference laboratory or scientific publications.

  • For each pest type, two lists are available :
Lists I : all cases of pests resistant to PPP registered in France
Lists II : all cases of pests resistant to PPP formerly registered in France

Download documents. Also available in the OSF web archive. Document reference: R4P (2018, February 27) Resistance cases to PPPs in France, DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/BYV62

  • A poster showing the most important cases of resistance to herbicides in France is available here.
  • Maps showing the geographical spread of herbicide resistance in France are available here.

The references mentioned in these lists of resistance cases are detailed on the documentation. Other worldwide references are also listed in the ECOACS database, available under the heading “Unintended effects of pesticides” of the E-Phy database.