Fact sheets on some resistant pests

Resistance state and recommandations for specific pests

In this section, we propose fact sheets targeting of few pests of agronomic importance what are particularly concerned with PPP resistance because of their biological characteristics and cultural practices.

We make an update of knowledge (resistance mechanisms, resistance status…) and management recommendations available. These sheets were drawn up in collaboration with the experts of the relevant themes.

Weeds Insects and mites Pathogens
Common Groundsel SENVU
Common Poppy PAPRH
Annual Ragweed AMBEL
Black Grass ALOMY
Sumatra Fleaban ERISU
Rye-grass LOLSS
Common Chickweed STEME
European Corn Borer PIRUNU
Codling Moth CARPPO
Net Spot Blotch of Barley PYRNTE
Septoria Leaf Blotch of Wheat SEPTTR
Grapevine downy mildew PLASVI